TRI Center – 50-Mile Radius: 

TRI Center – 50-Mile Radius

Twelve miles of I-80 forms the northern border of Tahoe Reno Industrial Center with US 50 just miles from the southern border. While the park has small sections in two other counties (Washoe and Lyon) its landmass equates to 65 % of Storey County. Just the first phase of TRI Center was made up of 5,000 acres that accommodated 100,000,000 square feet of industrial product.



TRI Center – Up Close Location
TRI Center – Up Close Location: 

The Tahoe Reno Industrial Center is just nine miles from Reno/ Sparks with local access to the Reno Tahoe International Airport just 15 miles away. The park is made up of 107,000 acres, 160 square miles, making it, according to our research, the world’s largest industrial center. TRI Center has three interchanges accessing the park off of Interstate 80. Exit 32 USA Parkway, State Route 805, is the main thoroughfare and crosses the heart of TRI Center for 16 miles, extending all the way to HWY 50.



Housing Overview and Labor Pool:
Housing Overview and Labor Pool


Tahoe Reno Industrial Center dose not have a residential community located within the industrial center. In our professional opinion commercial business with its 24/7 activity and residential development with its schools and soccer moms- do not mix. This gives our user base in the industrial center a level of protection from the concerns and restrictions generated by a residential community. However, this does not hamper the access to a significant, talented labor pool. Due to the unique location of TRI Center, situated between the Reno / Sparks market and the city of Fernley, there is an excess of affordable housing and access to a local work force.



Western US logistics network
Western US logistics network: 

TRI Center is in the logistics hub of the west. From this region it is a one-day truck shipping time to California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington by utilizing services from companies like UPS and FedEx. The northern Nevada market is no stranger to distribution-based companies due to its strategic location in the west.


Major US Transportation Networks
Major US Transportation Networks: 

TRI Center is tied into the US transportation network through I-80 and Union Pacific main line rail. I-80 provides direct access to California’s I-5 corridor and eastbound through Salt Lake City, Omaha, and eventually New York. This western rail infrastructure source is Union Pacific rail. The UP mainline was deregulated in the late 90s, allowing service by third-party rail service providers such as BNSF, to ensure competitive rates for all park rail users.