TRI Strives for Environmental ExcellenceEnvironmental Management
At TRI we have professional management of our water and sewer systems. SPB Utilities, truly the best public utility operating company in the region, operates our public water and waste water systems as well as the treatment plant.


We strive to maintain the best working relationship with the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection (NDEP). We always view them as a quality control “friend,” never as an adversary.

TRI is a huge supporter of the Nature Conservancy. During the park dedication ceremony, land was deeded to the Nature Conservancy. This land, located along the Truckee River adjacent to TRI, is now a superb enclave for flora and fauna.





Water Conservation
TRI has a reclaimed water system for process/manufacturing/cooling water already in place; this includes a reclaims storage reservoir.

TRI is joining with Storey County, Reno, Sparks and the Truckee Meadows Water Authority to build a reclaim water pipeline to move a massive amount of reclaimed water from the TMWA treatment plant in Sparks to TRI.



Enhancing Wildlife

TRI is a major supporter of the Wild Horse Advocacy Group and supports the philosophy of “Let’em Run!” A Wild Horse Conference is held in the park every year to support efforts to maintain the Wild Horse way of life. At any given time, there are 2,000 wild horses in the Virginia Range and over 1,000 on TRI property. Their freedom is respected and preserved.

Six years ago, TRI sponsored a major project to repopulate the Virginia Range with Big Horn Sheep. From an initial transfer of 39 sheep, the herds have now grown to well over 100 and run wild on the property, healthy and free.

There are at least nine female cougars in this part of the Virginia Range and at least one male. We support the University of Nevada, Reno’s and the NDEP’s efforts to preserve, track, and monitor this species.

USA Parkway/State Route 439, which is the primary arterial in TRI, is loaded with wildlife conservation features such as right of way fencing, cattle guard crossings off the right of way, and wild life underpasses for all animals.


Wild Horse Support Groups

501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization based in California.

Through its Cooperative Agreement with the State of Nevada Department of Agriculture and local coalition partners, AWHC manages the humane birth control program in the Virginia Range (including TRI) in order address the Virginia Range horses’ growing population and shrinking habitat. The humane birth control vaccine, known as PZP, is administered by remote darting. AWHC is responsible for securing funding for this historic public-private partnership that is the largest humane wild horse management program in the world.

CONTACT: For more information please visit www.americanwildhorsecampaign.org
or contact Deniz Bolbol deniz@americanwildhorsecampaign.org / 650-248-4489.



501(c)(3) nonprofit service organization based in Stagecoach, Lyon County, NV.

This 100% volunteer organization trains, educates and implements regarding safe horse handling in emergencies, mounted search and rescue, large animal evacuation and range water, fencing and resource protection projects. In addition to providing specialized training for volunteer and career responders, LRTC responds to an average of 150 calls per year involving livestock, over 80% involving Virginia Range horses. The organization is 100% volunteer.

CONTACT: For more information please visit www.whmentors.org/evac
or contact Willis Lamm at willis@kbrhorse.net / 775-721-2332.



501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Virginia City Highlands, Storey County, NV.

Conducts educational and public outreach to promote the value of free-roaming horses; assists with developing horse related programs, provides assistance to field volunteer groups and coordinates multiple group efforts including sanctuary development. The Let ‘Em Run Foundation was created by Lacy J. Dalton and friends.

CONTACT: For more information please visit www.letemrun.org
or contact the volunteers at info@letemrun.org / 775-847-7322.



501(c)(3) nonprofit service organization based in Silver Springs, Lyon County (south end of USA Parkway), NV.

Provides general rescue, rehabilitation and placement of rescued horses; also provides support for field emergencies involving horses. Recently, the LBL volunteers have been responding to technical rescue calls involving Virginia Range horses in the US-50 / USA Parkway area.

CONTACT: For more information please visit www.lblequinerescue.org
or contact the volunteers at lblequinerescue@gmail.com /775-350-4822.



501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Reno, Washoe County, NV.

Provides infrastructure, herd safety, and orphan care.

CONTACT: For more information please visit https://vrsanctuary.org/
or contact Dr. Pat Colletti at 775-354-5455.



501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Virginia City Highlands, Storey County, NV.

Implements, in conjunction with AWHC, the humane birth control program created by the Cooperative Agreement with the State of Nevada. VRWPA volunteers document each horse on the range and have been certified to administer the PZP birth control through remote darting. VRWPA volunteers are focused on administering the birth control program at the TRI. This volunteer nonprofit corporation is organized to act on behalf of free-roaming horses and wildlife in the Virginia Range.

CONTACT: For more information visit www.vrwpa.org or
contact Nancy Kilian nankilian@gmail.com / 775-881-2282